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In New York, the Dow Jones Index decreased 510 points or 1.33 percent on Friday. Losses were driven by JPMorgan (-6.59%), Intel (-5.08%) and Walt Disney (-2.72%).
The S&P/TSX Composite index declined by 0.95% to close at 21,899 on Friday, reflecting global risk aversion amid heightened tensions in the Middle East. The financial sector, in particular, experienced average losses of 0.91%, with the Royal Bank of Canada's shares dropping by 1.15%. Energy stocks initially gained but later retreated, resulting in an average decline of 1.03%, with Canadian Natural being the worst performer, dropping by 1.73%. Similarly, mining shares were dragged down by lower bullion prices, with Wheaton Precious Metals posting the largest loss at 0.93%. Furthermore, concerns about sustained high interest rates by the Fed weighed on North American stocks, contributing to the TSX's weekly loss of 1.64%.
Hoa Kỳ03:01:00
Wall Street closed sharply lower on Friday, as the S&P 500 booked its worst day since January, sinking 1.4%, the Dow Jones tumbled 475 points, and the Nasdaq slid1.6%. The sentiment was heavily influenced by earnings reports from major banks and escalating tensions in the Middle East. Banking shares took a hit after JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup disclosed that high interest rates had negatively impacted their net interest income. JPMorgan's stock fell 6.3% despite beating earnings and revenue expectations, while Wells Fargo's dropped 0.3% on a 7% decline in profit and Citigroup's slid 1.6%. BlackRock also fell 2.6% despite a 36% increase in profit. Big tech players like Microsoft (-1.4%), Nvidia (-2.7%), Alphabet (-1%) all retreated. AMD (-4.2%) and Intel (-5.2%) were affected following reports that China had instructed its major telecom carriers to phase out foreign processors. On the week, the S&P 500 lost 1.6%, the Dow dropped 2.4% and the Nasdaq fell by 0.6%.
The Canadian dollar weakened past 1.364 per USD in April, marking a five-month low, pressured by the strength of the US dollar amid safe-haven demand following Iran's intentions of retaliation against Israel. Domestically, during its April meeting, the BoC maintained its overnight rate target at 5% and reiterated its plan to reduce its balance sheet. Governor Macklem cautioned against interpreting core inflation declines as conclusive, emphasizing the need for sustained assurance. Additionally, upward revisions in economic growth forecasts to 1.5% from 0.8% supported hawks in the central bank, reducing support for the loonie. Looking ahead, economists anticipate the first BoC rate cut in June, diverging from the market consensus of the Fed holding rates, as robust US inflation data tempered expectations of Fed rate cuts, further bolstering the greenback.
Vương quốc Anh01:44:29
The British pound fell below the $1.25 mark, the lowest since November pressured by increased dollar-buying due to geopolitical tensions and expectations that the Fed will maintain rates higher for longer. Stronger-than-expected US inflation print pushed back expectations of the first Fed interest rate cut to September. Also, in the UK, traders have adjusted their forecasts for interest rate cuts this year. The Bank Rate is now anticipated to decline to around 4.75% by the end of 2024, down from today's 5.25%, a shift from the previous expectation of a drop to 4.5% by December. Making things worse, Policymaker Megan Greene asserted that rate cuts in the UK should still be distant, citing a greater threat of inflation persistence in the UK compared to the US.
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